Tucson 2018


This year was the first that I was able to setup as a dealer at the Tucson show.  An opening became available in the room of Kevin Dixon (Alpine Minerals) from Lawrence, Kansas.  Kevin and I split room #173 at the Hotel Tucson City Center (formerly the Inn Suites) for the week prior to and during the Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show.  Thanks to the invitation into the opening, and kindness of Kevin, the venture was a success.  Hopefully it will be the beginning of a great relationship. 

Sale were brisk at times and slow at others.  The foot traffic was slow, some blamed parking changes, but anyone wanting to check things out seemed to have no problem getting a spot to park.  Many clients I had never met in-person, but done lots of business with on-line, found me for the first time.  As a mineral dealer I was more than happy and will be back again with Kevin next year!

Because I was attending as a seller (all my previous years I was only a buyer) I found myself more "locked down" to the room and going on few off-site excursions to buy minerals.  I was, however, able to find plenty of things, both new and reoccurring, to purchase this year.  Many of the best new things were Chinese.  Fluorite from several new locations were to be found. 






These interesting specimens were from Yongchun County, Fujian Province, China.  At the time of this posting there is only one specimen that is similar to this new material that I have found to confirm the locality (it was on Mindat and noted it as being Yongchun County). I believe this will eventually be attributed to the Long Yan (or Longyan) Mine.  Like other new Chinese minerals the locality confirmation will normally solidify within a few months to a year.  In any case, several new styles and colors of fluorite are being attributed to this locality and I have examples of several here... New Fluorites.  Although they all look very different, all are currently being attributed to this new locality (or nearby).

Here are some other things...



Calcite twins from China                                                                Chalcedony from Morocco



Fluorite from Weardale (Diana Maria Mine)                                             Barite from Spain


Agerine, Quartz, Feldspar from Africa



I know this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to minerals at Tucson but it's a start.



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