Tucson 2013

Although few truly “new” things came to light at this year’s Tucson show, there were a few things found in better examples, greater quantities, or less expensive examples than in the past.  Only two will be mentioned here as we partook in the purchase of many examples of each. 

The first was the cobalto calcites found at the Agoudal Mine, Bou Azzer in Morocco.  These brightly colored specimens range from a light pink to deep purple pink color and in some cases exhibit exceptional luster.  The crystal forms vary and most are semi to very translucent.  The problem was that those being sold in wholesale lots tended to be damaged.  Thankfully we found some in good enough condition to be listed in our specimen updates so purchased them.  Available today and gone tomorrow, these are excellent specimens that should be considered for purchase by any collector who wishes to add color and high luster to their collection. 



The second thing worthy of note is the Inner Mongolian materials from the Huanggangliang Mines, Chifeng.  These have been around for a couple of years now but this year’s examples are getting better (not normally the case with new mineral finds).  The minerals include quartz and fluorite in numerous forms and colors, often in aesthetic combinations, garnets, scheelites, ilvaites, helvites, and others.  Luster is usually low to nonexistent on these species so finding top quality specimens was a challenge.  When present they were normally very expensive (as usual) but at least they could be had. 



Others were likely to note more than the basics I have here but please, remember I only spend a long weekend at the “wholesale” shows so have a very limited and quick exposure.  I’m sure many other great things could be found this year at Tucson.

As usual we camped in the desert.  Fun listening to the coyotes at night...