Tucson 2007

This years Tucson show was a pleasure to be at…at least the pre-show part, that is.  I attended from January 27th through the 30th and found plenty in the way of new minerals and improvements on previously known ones.

Because I focus primarily on Chinese minerals at this show I will make a few comments on the availability of the Chinese materials.  Thankfully the dealers were not pricing as aggressively as they were last year when the theme of the show was Chinese Minerals!  2006 was a waste of time but this year there was plenty to purchase if you were getting things in quantity.  Several new calcites and a couple new fluorites were to be found, although rarely in quantity.  Some impressive azurite balls were made available as well as aquamarines of better color than past years.  Some schorl and colored tourmalines with other pegmatite minerals are beginning to turn up.  As usual, more floods of Yaogangxian species could be found with almost every dealer along with rarer minerals on occasion.

 All in all it was a fun shopping trip which really helped to boost our Asian mineral inventories to an impressive level.


While camping at the Gilbert Ray Campgrounds I put in about an hour of birding.  I have to stop complaining about how hard it is to get a good mineral photograph…birds are far tougher!



                                                                                My students at school would love this guy.



It is always a great time to be able to escape the deep snow and sub-zero temperatures of northern New York State for this each winter.