Tennessee Minerals Page 2


OKA-979 thru 989 Fluorite/ Calcite/ Sphalerite/ Barite Elmwood and Carthage, Tennessee.   The zinc mines of this large region have produced some of the most aesthetic specimens of fluorite and calcite in the world. The combination pieces from this area are especially fine display specimens. The sphalerites are dark colored, high in luster, intergrown crystal groups that have minimal translucence. They create showy matrix bases for the other minerals. Fluorite are cubes that generally have a great purple color and have a mild frosted appearance. They are always gemmy. All the minerals have superb form.  Though this mine is now bankrupt and not producing minerals there remains a fair amount of this material available on the market today. Some of the specimens attain gigantic size (and price). You will find here a good selection of pieces that are combinations of these attractive minerals.



OKA-979 Fluorite on Dolomite   This partial cube is just over 2 cm wide, white colored with a minor purple tint. There is minor white crystallized dolomite matrix on one side and one corner has a small cleave. Good example that displays well. 15$



OKA-984 Sphalerite Cluster of intergrown sphalerite crystals are the lone component in this 6 x 5 x 5 cm piece. 8$