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OKN-135    Sphalerite on Dolomite    Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.  A floater plate with two fine, high luster, translucent sphalerite crystals.  Chipping on one corner is hardly noticeable but there.  8.8 x 5.2 x 3.5 cm.  Excellent example.  $55








OKM-974    Calcite, Fluorite and Barite on Sphalerite    Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble collection.  I have sold many, many hundreds of these specimens over the years and I think this is actually the finest miniature I've handled.  Why?  1.  The twinned calcites are double terminated and damage free (less a tiny INTERNAL crack at the termination of one) and transparent, 2. All four species for which the locality is famous are present in this small specimen.  3. It is very aesthetic, in-hand,  4. The luster is excellent.  Impressive in all regards.  6.5 x 5.1 x 3 cm.  $1,400








Side view of the barite ball

Side view of the sphalerite

OKM-727    Barite, Sphalerite, Fluorite on Dolomite      Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.   Nice barite ball, high luster sphalerite and several very tiny fluorites on dolomite matrix.  The dolomite is overgrown in micro quartz giving it a nice appearance.  Floater less a tiny backside contact.  One tiny sphalerite is missing otherwise damage free.  7.5 x 6.3 x 5.2 cm overall.  Great views all around.  Very showy piece.  An excellent example of the better material from this important find.    $120









OKM-727    Sphalerite and Fluorite on Dolomite      Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.   Perfectly placed cluster of sphalerite measuring 5.5 cm that radiates out in all directions.  It sits on quartz druse coated dolomite and is a damage free floater!  Numerous fluorites to .6 or.7 cm each are scattered about on the matrix and sphalerite.  They are nearly clear with a slight purple tint and of the clear corner variety for which the occurrence is so famous.  A spotless specimen with high luster and outstanding display characteristics.  Should be displayed on edge horizontally with the crystals high on the dolomite (a position in which I failed to photograph the specimen.  Sorry.   $300









OKL-768     Sphalerite on Galena   RESERVED   Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Thomas Fowler collection.  A nicely formed cube measuring 1.7 cm on edge with bright sphalerite crystals studding most of the upper surface and one side.  Minor mineral tac on base.  2 x 1.6 x 1.6 cm (more like 2.3 cm corner to corner on top).  No damage.  $40








OKAA-030    Fluorite on Sphalerite  Cumberland Mine, Smith County, Tennessee.  This is a very fine domical example with cubes to approximately 1 cm each (most of the cubes are around the same size.  They are transparent, an attractive light purple/ blue color, and have curved edges.  They rest lightly on lustrous sphalerite and are wide spread.  The entire specimen measures 12.2 x 10 x 6 cm and is heavy and attractive.  It sits nicely for display and looks good from any direction.  One tiny dig on a very small fluorite will not be seen without magnification and a good search.  Displays damage free.  Nice specimen in all respects.  $290








OKAA-020     Sphalerite on Quartz     Cumberland Mine,  Drift 17-W-3, Smith County, Tennessee.  This is a large 28 x 22 cm plate of sphalerite crystals on a coating of micro quartz.  Great color contrast, high luster and nice distribution of crystals on the matrix.  Individual crystals to 4 cm in large groupings.  The guy who was in charge of mining out these pockets, Brian, described the pocket this specimen came from as such…"a huge pocket with plates of sphalerite, only, on micro quartz.  Approx 3,000 plates from fist sized to 3 feet in diameter lying loose in the bottom of the hole, most being damaged."  This has no damage on face because it landed face up on the top of the heap.  All damage is on back of plate, along with some additional intact sphalerites.  The images all seem to have a stronger silver color to the sphalerites than they should.  They are the normal color for the sphalerites from this mine and the contrast between the quartz and sphalerite is more dramatic and aesthetic than the picture portray.  This is a wonderful display piece which is a must for any serious Elmwood collector who does not have one.  $1,300








OKAA-008    Fluorite and Calcite on Sphalerite      RESERVED      Elmwood Mine,  Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.  This small cabinet specimens runs 7.6 x 4.7 x 3.5 cm overall and has beautiful transparent purple fluorites to a cm each and smaller gemmy calcites.  The sphalerites are large (to 3.5 cm each) and of great color and luster.  Everything is damage free, aesthetic and displayed nicely on a custom engraved acrylic base.  Sweet!  $350








OKAA-009    Sphalerite on Dolomite     RESERVED        Elmwood Mine,  Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee. This is a small specimen at 5 x 3.3 x 2 cm specimen with two sprays of very translucent sphalerites on gray dolomite.  Studded with several gemmy double terminated calcite crystals.  No damage.  It comes with a custom engraved acrylic base.   $200








OKAA-003    Calcite and Sphalerite    Elmwood Mine,  Carthage, Smith County, Tennessee.   11 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm single, double terminated crystal of excellent color and good transparency.  It is a twin.  One termination is perfect and the second, which is buried in the base so not viewable, has a minor cleave.  This ends up being a very displayable specimen for someone not wanting to take out a loan and still have a fine example of what probably ranks as the most aesthetic calcite on the planet.  Comes with custom engraved acrylic base.  $350








OKK-933    Calcite twin on Sphalerite     Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Jim Turek colection.  A cute miniature which I'm sure will sell fast!  Tiny tip cleave on one end is only issue and is reflected in the price.  However, when the specimen is this small that flaw is difficult to detect.  The gemmy calcite is wonderful with minor sphalerite inclusions and a well developed twin plane.  3.5 x 3.3 x 2 cm.  3.3 cm calcite crystal.  $50








OKJ-837    Fluorite    Elmwood, Tennessee.  Ex Paul and Dawn Dunning Collection.  A nice transparent cube with extensive surface modifications (hexatetrahedral?  I just don’t remember).  Mounted in a perky box.  No damage.  1.5 x 1.4 x 1.1 cm.  $25








OKJ-404    Barite and Fluorite on Sphalerite    Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee.  A large plate measuring 14.5 x 9 x 6.5 cm.  Minor damage to sphalerite and one tiny corner cleave on one fluorite cube, but in general, good condition.  All the species are of high luster and nice form.  Attractive color contrast and well priced at $195






OKJ-405    Calcite    Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee.  A large parallel growth pair of crystals with multiple terminations on one side.  The group measures 15 x 9.5 x 7.5.  Really nice condition with only a few micro chatter marks.  Contacts on back and a tiny area of sphalerite contact near base. The piece sits nicely for display.   Terminations are nice, luster is super, gemmy areas…this is a real bargain for the price and should go very fast.   $195








OKH-905     Calcite    Elmwood, Tennessee.  Ex. Paul and Dawne Dunning Collection.  A spotless floater from the now famous calcite locality.  This double terminated twin crystal grades from clear/ white to light yellow and has multiple terminations on one end that have several small translucent sphalerite plates attached.  The crystal is gemmy in areas and measures 3.2 x 2 x 1.8 cm.  Super high luster as is the norm for this material.  Very desirable and aesthetic.  No blemishes what so ever.  $40








OKH-852    Calcite Twin    Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Paul and Dawne Dunning collection.  3 x 1.5 x 1.2 cm crystal.  Gemmy and lustrous with amazingly well defined twin plane.  Tip dings are there but not major.  Mounted in a perky box.  $30








Base...note fine translucence

OKH-762     Sphalerite (twin)    Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex. Paul and Dawne Dunning Collection.  A fine, lustrous twin that is almost a floater (only very minor base attachment) that measures 2 x 2 x 1.5 cm.  Views well from any direction.  Very interesting and has no negatives at all.  Minor Styrofoam attachment   Minor quartz, crystals, on back and mild translucence.  $120







OKH-628    Etched Fluorite Corner    Carthage, Tennessee.  Ex.  Paul and Dawne Dunning Collection.  I have owned and sold dozens of these over the years.  This may in fact be the nicest one that I have managed to get my hands on.  It measures 6.2 by 3.2 x 3.4 cm.  It is totally gem internally, shows zero damage, and only one small internal crack.  These are certainly not common any longer especially in this high quality.  $195








OKI-487    Fluorite on Sphalerite       RESERVED      Carthage, Tennessee.  This 6.7 x 4 cm plate of sphalerite sports numerous small cubes and one nicer one measuring 1.7 cm on edge.  This is a very aesthetic specimen as so many from this locale are.  The faces on the cubes are slightly concave, a bit unusual, and are very translucent…more like transparent.  The surfaces are slightly etched yet still possess the highest of luster.   An extremely desirable miniature which the likes of are only becoming more and more difficult to find.  450$







OKI-488    Sphalerite    Carthage, Tennessee.  A fine dome of transparent crystals to almost 2 cm each.  The cluster is 7 x 5.5 x 4.5 cm overall.  It displays beautifully from every side.  It is entirely damage free and has as high a luster as one could expect for any specimen.  The sphaletites from this locale do not get better looking than this one.  Plenty of flash!  400$







OKI-175    Sphaletite and Calcite    Carthage, Tennessee.  An attractive arrangement of crystals on a small section of gray limestone.  It measures 7.4 x 4.2 x 2.5 cm overall and is dominated by sphalerite crystals to over 2 cm each.  They are bright red and only translucent.  Amber colored double terminated calcites to a cm each are on the sides and base of piece.  No damage to sphalerite but there are a couple of minor contacts on edges.  Some of the calcites have damage but they are on back (base) of specimen.  Displays well, super high luster and lots of pop.  60$







OKF-142    Fluorite on Sphalerite    Carthage, Tennessee.  A somewhat triangular specimen measuring 9.7 x 7 x 5 cm with light purple fluorites to 1.8 cm on edge each.  The fluorites of slightly curved faces an excellent form the largest pair sit high on the piece with greater than normal relief.  When the sphalerites near the top edge of specimen is cleaved otherwise the specimen is in great shape.  Nice high luster to all minerals and the piece displays well in several positions.  $300







OKF-132    Fluorite on Sphalerite    Carthage, Tennessee.  This specimen measures 8.9 x 6 x 3 .8 cm and stands on edge nicely for display.  The light purple cubes measure to 1.5 cm each and are nicely spaced amongst the gemmy sphalerite crystals.  There is peripheral damage and one small corner ding to the largest fluorite, thus the low price.  Still very attractive and desirable.  $100






OKE-037    Fluorite on Sphalerite   Carthage, Tennessee.  6.4 x 4.3 x 3.5 cm specimen which as all the aesthetics one could ask for.  4 cubes to 1.4 cm each are nicely dispersed on a lustrous sphalerite matrix.  One cube directly on edge is partially clipped.  Very displayable.  Top quality all the way.  325$




OKA-430 Sphalerite / Quartz Smith County, Tennessee. This 8 x 5 cm matrix specimen has several large silver intergrown sphalerites with small whitish clear quartz crystals sprinkled over much of its surface. Nice luster, good form and attractive. 40$

OKA-766 Fluorite/ Sphalerite Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tenn. Tiny but attractive piece is composed of a 3 x 3.5 cm sphalerite crystal (one). Beautifully formed 1 cm purple fluorite cube sits on top. 15$

OKA-767 Fluorite/ Calcite Elmwood Mine, Carthage, Tenn. Part of a light purple cube has 2 larger (to 2.5 cm) and numerous smaller scalenohedral, yellow calcites on its surface. Damage to edges of fluorite and one calcite. Small but attractive. 20$







OKA-979 Fluorite on Dolomite   This partial cube is just over 2 cm wide, white colored with a minor purple tint. There is minor white crystallized dolomite matrix on one side and one corner has a small cleave. Good example that displays well. 15$



OKA-984 Sphalerite Cluster of intergrown sphalerite crystals are the lone component in this 6 x 5 x 5 cm piece. 8$