Museum Class Specimens Page 4


This fine topaz cluster might rank as one of the very best to have been found in China.    Another American classic, the fine tourmalines mined in the 1970s are now almost impossible to find at a down to earth price. 

                Topaz, China                                           Aquamarine, Pakistan                        Tourmaline, California           Tourmaline, Pakistan

Dealers refer to this top ranking of their inventor as "Vault" material, "Museum" grade material, "Top Shelf", and so on.  All of these terms are somewhat misleading.  If nothing else, you will at least find yourself  looking at the exceptional specimens in a dealer's inventory if you follow these titles.  

Included here will be specimens noteworthy for their size, form and overall quality.  Rarity will sometimes land a specimen in this category, but, that will not usually be the case.  Lack of damage will be critical here.  Mineral specimens with historic significance, pedigree, or those that have been published in a text or mineralogical journal may also be included here.  Prices may vary dramatically, but all these specimens are quite special.