Oklahoma Minerals For Sale





OKP-905     Barite      Oklahoma.  Ex. John Davis collection.  An attractive example that measures 7.5 x 4.5 x 4.7 cm.  One thin edge contact.  Very nice.  $40







OKP-906      Sphalerite and Dolomite       Picher, Oklahoma.  Ex. John Davis collection.  This fine miniature measures 5.7 x 5.1 x 4 cm.  It is dominated by several satin luster crystals to 2.7 cm each.  The piece has some minor base contact and no damage.  $35






OKP-485    Sphalerite   Chink Enders Mine, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain collection.  This is a domical piece that views damage free from all sides.  The crystals are very lustrous and very gemmy.  There is no damage and the specimen measures 2 x 1.4 x 1.3 cm.  $40







OKP-967    Sphalerite and Galena    Picher Field, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  Ex. John Davis collection.  Both sides of this 8 x 5.3 x 2.5 cm plate of crystals has attractive contrast.  The second generation of tiny sphalerites are gemmy and red and the larger crytsals translucent red.  Minor chips as seen but in very good condition overall.  $50







OKN-913     Gypsum      Jet, Oklahoma.  Ex. John Davis collection.  This attractive stack of parallel growth twins measures 5.3 x 2.8 x 1.6 cm.  Thin cleave on top seen in backside image.  $30







OKO-373     Ilmenite on Calcite     Oklahoma.  Ex. Paul and Dawne Dunning collection.  Ilmanite as inclusions that usually rise to the surface.  Also what appear to be inclusions of pinkish colored dolomite crystals.  The piece is damage free and measures 3.7 x 2  x 1.8 cm.  I do not have anything more specific than Oklahoma but I am sure someone will recognize it.  Mounted in a perky box.  Very attractive and interesting.  $60






Back side with sphalerite

OKO-767    Sphalerite on Galena.     Kenora Mine, Cardin, Oklahoma.  Ex. Harold L. Dibble.  What a thing of beauty... classic patina, floater with only the smallest of chips on an underside of one corner, fantastic corner and surface overgrowths... the sphalerites are totally gem and a beautiful red.  Most of the sphalerites are on what I'd call the base.  Great views from any direction.  3.5 x 2.6 x 3.6 cm.  The form on this specimen is outrageous!  $290







OKN-644     Sphalerite and Dolomite      Red Skin Mine, Oklahoma.  Ex. Dawne and Paul Dunning collection.  Attractive damage free plate measuring 10.4 x 7.1 x 3.3 cm.  Coated by well separated sphalerite crystals to 2.5 cm eash and smaller, red gemmy crystals.  Classic American material, damage free and crystallized on almost all surfaces.  $80








OKH-864    Marcasite    Pitcher, Oklahoma.  Ex. Paul and Dawne Dunning collection.  An attractive coxcomb formed group with minor oxidation.  1.6 x 1.6 x .6 cm.  No damage and mounted in a perky box.  $30







OKI-486    Galena with Sphalerite        Tri- State District, Ottawa Co., Oklahoma.  Ex Jim Turek Collection.  Iíve owned dozens of these specimens with this ďcityscapeĒ like stepped growth in various sizes but believe this one to be the finest Iíve owned and certainly the finest miniature Iíve ever seen.  The piece measures 6.4 x 5.7 x 4.2 cm.  The primary cube is 3 cm on edge and every face, all of which are exposed to some degree, have intricate facial modifications by octahedral overgrowths.  The limestone matrix plate has small sphalerite  crystals to 1.2 cm each on all sides and displays all the crystals up high off of it.  The specimen is a floater with no points of attachment and zero damage.  This is the type of specimen we could see on the cover of Min. Record and never question why.  This specimen is far, far better in person and I have done a poor job capturing its aesthetics here.  900$







OKD-843    Quartz, Sphalerite and Chalcopyrite     Clink Enderís Mine, Picher, Oklahoma.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.  An older specimen from the George Springs collection.  Big, twinned sphalerites to 2.5 cm in diameter.  These and the chalcopyrites are nicely distributed across the surface of the dolomite matrix.  5.5 x 5.5 x 3 cm.  An aesthetic specimen which displays well (it stands on edge).  90$


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