Missouri Minerals Page 2


Exceptionally clear calcites standing up on chalc. 145$

Displays well from all angles.


Huge calcites to 14 cm with a nice mix of calc. 95$

Biggest crystal is twinned. Exceptional piece.


Another huge piece with twinned crystals and calcites to over 14 cm. 95$

Cleave to one big crystal on back.


Highly unusual naturally etched specimen. 60$

Reverse scepter like terminations.



Tiny example of the etched calcite. 8$

OKB-012 Calcite Fletcher Mine, Stope 64W95Cu, Pillar 4358, Reynolds Co., Missouri. Slightly modified schalenohedrons of yellow calcite. Very translucent with nicely developed phantoms. Big, high luster, showy crystals up to 8 cm each make up this interlocking cluster. Not much of the gray limestone matrix shows from the front view, thought this specimen does view well from all sides. 10 x 7 x 8 overall. Quality calcite specimen in all regards. 85$

OKA-327 Galena Reynolds Co., Missouri. 4.2 x 2 x 2.8 cm cube of moderate luster. Minor pyrite coating. Mounted on glass. 8$

OKA-342 Calcite Joplin, Missouri. 8 x 7 cm cluster of aesthetic light yellow calcite schalenohedrons. Largest crystal is 7 cm and approx. 10 others. Others average 2-3 cm each. Attractive cluster at an attractive price. 28$

OKA-797 Calcite Sweetwater Mine. Reynolds, Co. Missouri. This is the top 2/3rds of a vertical standing schalenohedral crystal with a modified termination. It stands up beautifully even though no matrix remains. Translucent and yellow in color.  40$

OKB-210    Calcite    Reynolds Co., Missouri.    6 cm crystal of dog tooth calcite on dolomite matrix (11 cm overall).  Dirty looking crystal is translucent.  8$