The DeKalb Gem Diopside Mine,

St. Lawrence County, New York, Specimens for Sale



                        Diopside                                                                    Diopside in Tremolote                                                                               Diopside


It is possible that this location was know since the mid to late 1800s but its rediscovery (or maybe discovery) was first investigated and worked by Terry Szenics in 1967.  His work (Szenics, 1968) brought the site to the attention of the New York State Museum and a trio of collectors, Schuyler Alverson, Robert Dow, and George Robinson, who purchased the property in 1971.   The locality is now under private ownership and being worked for mineral specimens at this time.  This being said, very few are being produced and they remain one of the important locales for East Coast mineral collectors. 





OKN-455    Diopside     Calvin Mitchell Farm, DeKalb, St. Lawrence County, New York.  Ex. Sky Alverson.  5 x 4 x 3.1 cm cluster with crystals to 2.4 cm each.  Gemmy areas, good green color typical of the material from this historic find.  Crystal contact on face of large crystal.  No damage.  $30


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