Namibian Mineral Specimens For Sale, Page 2



Namibia has produced many of the finest mineral specimens of the world.  Its mines have created a steady flow of numerous species both rare and common.  Great specimens from these mines have always been available but are normally expensive due to their importance and popularity.






OKF-070     Dioptase    Omaue Mine, Kaokveld, Namibia, Africa.  Ex. Dr. Steven Chamberlain collection.  This fine plate of crystals measures 3.5 x 2.4 cm and is up to 2 cm in overall thickness.  The surface is coated by gem dioptase crystals to several millimeters in size which are intergrown forming an undulating mass.  On their surfaces are tiny, white calcite? crystals.  Two small contacts on one edge of the plate are visible in the photos due to the color difference otherwise immaculate.  125$








OKI-133    Dioptsae, Calcite and Plancheite    Omaue Mine, Kaokveld, Namibia, Africa.  Ex. Anthony P. Dunn Collection.  Circ. 1975.  4.7 x 2.7 x 2.3 cm piece with white calcites and bright green dioptase.  Also on the specimen are coatings and stalactites of plancheite.  No damage.  Minor rubber cement on base of specimen.  Very nice piece for this price…125$








OKF-630    Dioptase and Plancheite on Calcite     Omaue Mine, Kaokveld, Namibia, Africa.    Ex. Anthony Dunn Collection.  This fine miniature has a 2.7 cm calcite schalenohedron central to the piece which is coated by light greenish blue plancheite and in turn rich green crystals of dioptase.  A couple clear secondary calcites too.  4.2 x 3.5 x 2.2 cm.  There is damage on edges from extraction which is clearly visible but all interior crystals are clean.  A desirable and rare specimen.  450$








OKF-631    Dioptase and Calcite on Plancheite     Omaue Mine, Kaokveld, Namibia, Africa.    Ex. Anthony Dunn Collection.   A thick cluster of fine green dioptase crystals coat two sides of this matrix piece which measures 4 x 2.8 x 2.5 cm.  On the dioptase are several large, clear slightly etched calcites to 1.5 cm each.  A nice specimen with a diversity of colors and no damage.  Another specimen which is better in person.  300$








Unusual surface texture

OKF-189    Chalcotrichite including Calcite    Onganja, S.W. Africa.  Ex Nancy Collins collection.  These nice calcites have extremely unusual surface growth features which may be difficult to see in the photographs.  Blood red inclusions add to the dramatics of this piece.  3.3 x 2.6 x 2 cm with the largest calcite being 2.7 cm.  $135








OKF-149    Acroite    Swakopmund, S.W. Africa.  Ex. Nancy Collins Collection.  The small cabin specimen displays a 2.2 cm long acroite crystal lightly embedded in a tan colored rock matrix.  The tourmaline grades from a very light green to clear it is totally gemmy throughout.  The termination is not complete on the end where the crystal is clear.  This and most of once been embedded in matrix and was subsequently chipped.  The piece does not appear repaired because the crystal’s green section is well embedded in the matrix.  7.7 x 4.4 x 3.5 cm overall.  The photo shows the tourmaline to be darker than it really is.  It IS clear for much of the crystal’s length.  Very desirable and rare tourmaline.  $310








OKF-126    Descloizite    Berg Aukas, Grootfontein, Namibia.  Ex. Nancy Collins Collection.  This specimen is 6 x 4.5 x 3.4 cm and is a complete floater would know visible points of attachment.  The color is the deep rich brownish red and the crystals are very high in luster.  There are a few crystals missing but the specimen still as good aesthetics and displays nicely.  100$








OKD-338    Descloizite    Berg Aukas, Grootfontein, Namibia.   Ex. Nancy Collins Collection.    Large sprays of rich translucent brown, high luster bladed descloizite crystals.  Sits nicely for display.  5 x 4 x 3.5 overall.  Attractive piece from a classic locality.  160$








OKD-064    Fluorite   Okorusu, Namibia, Africa.  Green fluorite cubes with purple corner phantoms.  Very unusual form of phantom for fluorites.  Attractive, thin, 8 x 7 cm plate is easy to see through. No Damage.  Sawn flat on backside.  60$








OKB-557   Fluorite  Okoruse Mine, Namibia.    Superior green cubes with purple and blue highlights and zero damage.  Great form to this 8 x 7 cm domed specimen.  Cubes to 1.5 cm.  Far better than photos indicate.  100$








OKB-558   Fluorite  Okoruse Mine, Namibia.    Blue green cubes to 1.5 cm each with minor yellow and purple highlights.  10 x 7 cm plate is a bargain at 50$








OKB-197    Tourmaline    Erongo Dirt, Namibia, Africa.    Big 6 x 5 cm single crystals.  displays well from one side only.  Super high luster on this black crystal.  24$








OKA-852 Fluorite Okorusu, Namibia, Africa. This is the quality material found in the 1950¹s. I acquired 6 specimens one of which I will describe here. All are between 50$ and 120$, about the same size, but they vary in there crystal size and aesthetics. They are not cheap for fluorites but it is unlikely that we will see any more of this material, so I anticipate that all these will sell rather quickly. This dome of crystals to 2 cm each is 6 x 5 x 4 cm overall. Wonderful combination of greens and purples. Hard to tell but it almost looks like purple over octahedral greens. Very unusual and tough to describe. A couple very tiny dings on one of the crystals. These would be a must for the serious fluorite collector.  80$