Fluor-dravite and other Mineral Specimens from the Cream of the Valley Road Cut, St. Lawrence County, New York



                                   Fluor-dravite                                                                     Fluor-dravite                                                                                   Fluor-dravite in Quartz


During the 2004 summer collecting season I was informed of a small deposit of tourmaline crystals that was being dug at a road-cut pegmatite on the Cream of the Valley Road west of Gouverneur, New York.  A limited number of people were aware of the location so few had dug there.  I worked the site which appeared to be a single, highly brecciated pocket containing tourmalines, feldspar and minor quartz for several days.  During that time crystals were removed which were black in color, yet brown under intense light and highly striated.  Most of the crystals were damaged or completely destroyed but some well formed crystals to several inches in length were removed. 

Most of the specimens recovered from the find were subsequently sold to Steven Chamberlain of Manlius, New York.  In preparation for an upcoming article to be co-authored by me and Steve (one in a series of articles being published by Rocks and Minerals Magazine on road-cut occurrences in St. Lawrence County, New York) specimens were given to the New York State Museum for analysis.  After extensive study it appears that the tourmaline is a new species theorized to potentially exist by Hawthorn and Henry back in 1999. 

These tourmalines have been mentioned in publication (Rocks and Minerals Magazine) as likely representing a new species.  The IMA has been establishing new names for species within families (IE: the amphiboles) so it is unclear what will be done with this potentially new species of tourmaline, at this time.

Update, 2017.  The species name is now agreed upon as fluor-dravite.


                                                                    Forms present in these new tourmalines.





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