Dravite and other Mineral Specimens from Bigelow,

St. Lawrence County, New York



                              Tourmaline                                                                        Tourmaline


The Bigelow site is a road cut which produced a very limited amount of mineral specimens.  Root beer brown tourmalines and goethite pseudomorphs after pyrite cubes are the only specimen grade pieces that were collected there.  The tourmalines are diagenetic and composed of Uvite overgrown by Dravite.  Many unusual micros were produced and documented in a Rocks and Minerals article on the site.  The specimens from here are not very attractive.  They are however uncommon, especially in good specimen form.  This site is currently posted and off limits to mineral collecting.





2.7 cm green brown partial crystal of dravite. 12$


2.6 cm partial crystal of greenish brown dravite. 10$


Good green brown tourmaline. 8$

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