Chinese Gypsum Specimens


Selenite on Calcite Huangshaping, Hunan, China  Selenite on Calcite Huangshaping, Hunan, China  Gypsum (“Rams Horn Selenite”) Qinnong Mine, Guizhou Prov., China

      Gypsum on Calcite                                     Gypsum on Calcite                                                                    Gypsum (Rams Horn variety)


Gypum (still commonly called selenite) is found at several Chinese locations.  Sometimes this mineral can be found in very large (30 cm or more) crystals on matrix. 





Another spray of "horns"

Side view of primary crystals.

OKI-212     Gypsum (“Rams Horn Selenite”)     Qinnong Mine, Guizhou Prov., China.  This is a magnificent specimen which I purchased five years ago in Tucson and placed on display here at my home.  Since then I have seen no equal.  This fine specimen measures 20.5 x 10 x 8.5 cm overall and has a large crystal spray measuring 7.5 x 7.5 cm in its central region.  These primary selenites show superb form and the entire piece is overgrown by tiny secondary crystal of selenite giving the piece a wonderful sparkle.  Similar to the classic Mexican material but even flashier. There are other smaller curved selenites as well as the primary grouping.  There is a minor rub to the top of one of the selenites which is not distracting when displayed properly.  Nice large display piece which seems to be a rarity for this prolific country.  Minor sawing to base so it sits nicely.  A great piece.  800$







Another Closeup

OKB-235    Selenite on Calcite    Huangshaping, Hunan, China.   New material!  Clear, double terminated selenites to 3 cm on light green calcite.  This is an outstanding specimen with zero damage, well distributed crystals and no contact points.  A superb floater!  8.4 x 8 x 4.5 cm overall.  Top shelf piece at a bottom shelf price.   55$