Chinese Garnet Specimens For Sale



                                                                                                     Spessartine and Quartz


The most common of the Chinese garnets available today are the bright red and orange spessartines from the Tongbei Area, Yunxiao Co.  Fujian Prov., China.  They have been common and relatively inexpensive in nice specimens for a number of years.  Both the red and the orange spessartines come from the same location with the reds being discovered first to be followed by the orange crystals several years after that in 2002-2003.  Other common pegmatite minerals found in association with the garnets include feldspar, smoky quartz, fluorite and others.  Some of this quartz has been enhanced through irradiation, so beware.  Good matrix specimens are expensive like other fine pegmatite minerals.  Large garnets are rare.

Now, garnets coming from the Huanggangliang Mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia have been popular but in most cases they are notable only as an accessory mineral found in combination with quartz and fluorite.

A somewhat common association with these garnets is a white, stalactitic variety of hyalite opal.  It can be noticed more easily with the use of a UV light as it is highly fluorescent. 






OKO-517    Spessartine    Tongbei, Yunxiao County, Fujian Province, China.  Old material (the contemporary material from this mine is orange).  This domical piece measures 4.3 x 2.6 x 2.2 cm.  The crystals are well formed and up to 1.1 cm each.  Nice translucence/transparency.  No damage.  $50







OKO-518    Spessartine and Quartz     Tongbei, Yunxiao County, Fujian Province, China.  Old material (the contemporary material from this mine is orange).  The piece seen here is typical with fine red crystals coating a 4 x 3.5 x 2.2 cm matrix.  Three-dimensional qualities are good and it views nicely from all directions.  One quartz has a healed surface.  Nice translucence/transparency.  No damage.  $40








OKN-628    Spessartine    Tongbei, Yunxiao Co., Fujian Province, China.  6.6 x 5 x 3 cm piece that sits nicely as seen in the images and views well.  Garnets are up to 13 cm and a rich red color with fine translucence to transparency.  No damage.  $60







OKK-147    Spessartine and Quartz   Tongbei, Yuaxuaio, Fujian Prov., China.  A domical plate with deep red garnets (old material) on smoky quartz.  It measures 7 x 5.5 x 3.2 cm.  Beautiful color and luster.  Micro rub on one quartz needing magnification to see.  Excellent quality.  Al modern material from this find is orange.  $145








OKK-780     Fluorite and Garnet     Huanggangliang Mine, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China.  This cabinet sized specimen measures 8.5 x 6 x 5 cm.  It is composed of dark greenish black euhedral garnets with clear octahedral fluorites in parallel growth.  The garnets are well formed, opaque, and have a satin luster while the fluorites are gemmy, complex in form and have faces that vary in their luster.  The quality of the piece is outstanding with edge contacts being only slightly evident and primary crystals being damage free.  The specimen is crystallized nicely on almost all surfaces and showy due to the contrast of colors and textures.  These are fairly common species for the find but a very uncommon association for Inner Mongolia.  A very fine specimen.  $750






OKJ-416    Spessartine on Quartz    Tongbei, Yunxio, Fujian Prov., China.  Old material from the original find with deep red (not orange) crystals.  Beautiful deep red garnets to .8 cm each with slightly smoky quartz.  The crystals are translucent and sharp in form.  The plate measures 6.2 x 6.1 x 3.5 cm.  No damage.  Very fine example.  $160






OKJ-417    Spessartine on Quartz    Tongbei, Yunxio, Fujian Prov., China.  Old material from the original find with deep red (not orange) crystals.  Deep red garnets to .8 cm each with transparent smoky quartz.  The crystals are translucent and crude to sharp in form.  The plate measures 12 x 9.3 x 4 cm.  Very minor chipping.  Could use cleaning and possibly trimming.  Lots of potential here so itís priced to go.   $50







OKJ-453    Spessartine on Smoky Quartz     Tongbei, Yunxiao, Fujian Prov., China.  This plate measures 6.8 x 6.2 x 3.4 cm overall and is from the earliest finds from this now prolific local.  Originally the specimens were these ruby red garnets with gemmy to somewhat included smoky quartz crystals.  This one is damage free with only very minor quartz overgrows.  The garnets are spectacular being gemmy and a rich red.  $200







OKF-648    Spessartine, Feldspar and Quartz    Tongbei Area, Yunxiao Co., Fujian Prov., China.  An older specimen with a clear, slightly smoky, quartz measuring 3 cm centrally placed among gemmy garnets to .7 cm each.  The piece measures 8.1 x 5.8 x 4.2 cm.  It is in great shape with only edge contacts.  Some hyalite opal adds fluorescence.   The base is partially sawn so it sits nicely.  120$






OKE-250    Spessartine on Quartz with Hyalite Opal     Tongbei, Area, Yunxiao County, Fujian Prov., China.   This is a really nice plate of beautifully formed, gemmy garnets on feldspar with fillings of highly fluorescent hyalite opal.  The plate displays great and measures 7.5 x 6 cm.  There is no damage and the piece id well covered but not coated with intergrown crystals.  The crystals show proper separation so you can appreciate their form.  Great price at 70$







OKA-821 Spessartine Guangdong, China. Gemmy red garnets to .5 cm each on a base of dull tan colored feldspars. The garnets show up great and cover almost all of the matrix. The entire piece is approx. 15 x 10 cm. 185$







OKA-847 Spessartine/ Smoky Quartz Tongbei, Yunxuiao, Fujian Prov. China. This piece is the same material as OKA-846 but larger in all respects. Garnets up to about .9 cm and quartz to over 2 cm on this 11 cm long by 5 cm wide specimen. Deep blood red garnets and dark smokies.  Photo is a bit too dark.  120$







OKD-035   Spessartine on Smoky Quartz   Pegmatite in Tongbei area, Yunxiao County, Fujian Prov., China.   These wonderful orange spessartine garnets first came on the scene in 2002-2003.  Lots of material was available because they were already collecting garnet/ quartz specimens from this mine.  The difference was these spessartineís are there color.  Prior to this time the crystals were a deep ruby red with the same nice form.  These have been analyzed and have been found to have the highest water content of any spessaritnes found to date.  The result is their light orange color.  This 8 x 7.5 x 7 cm piece is exceptional for its aesthetics.  Most specimens from here are flat while this one is very much three-dimensional.  This quartz, to 5.5 cm, is natural and NOT irradiated like much of this materials is.  Garnets to half a cm are gemmy.  Displays well (base is sawed flat).  Surface has missing material (in-situe damage) but still very aesthetic.  175$





OKD-835    Spessartine on Quartz    Tongbei Area, Yunxian Co., Fujian Prov., China.  Beautifully formed, striated garnets to well over a cm each on feldspar and smoky quartz.  A good quality, damage free piece which measures in at 4.8 x 4 x 2.4 cm.   45$ 







OKB-193 Spessartine/ Smoky Quartz/ Feldspar Tongbei Yunxuiao, Fujian Province, China. Nice plate with spessartines to .9 cm each on gray quartz and feldspar crystals. Excellent value. 18$