Barites From China


Chinese Barite  Chinese Barite on Quartz  Chinese Barite from the Xikuangshan Stibnite Mine, Lengshuijiang City, Central Hunan Prov., China

                             Barite                                                                 Barite on Quartz                                                                  Barite


Barites have been produced in many locations in China.  Most have been large, attractive and often in association with other minerals.  As we have seen with so many other Chinese minerals, any one location will produce specimens for a few years and then the specimens become very hard to find.  Like othe fine minerals you might be well served to get your specimen while they are readily available so as not to kick yourself later for having passed on what you know to be exceptional material.







OKE-253    Barite     Xikuangshan Stibnite Mine, Lengshuijiang City, Central Hunan Prov., China.   Once common these big thick barites are now uncommon in good specimens.  This one is exceptional for a cabinet sized piece.  These crystals are transparent to translucent and have nice phantoms.  Only damage is a chip to one crystal’s side.  9 x 5 x 6.2 cm.  Looks perfect from its frontal view and very good from all others, as well.  Displays great with no assistance.  A very fine old specimen.  230$






OKE-140    Barite    Ma Li, Sichuan Prov., China.    A good cluster of gold colored barite blades.  Transparent crystals with nice phantoms.  Edges are rough and broken from extraction but main crystals are nice.  Overall size is 6 x 5.3 x 5 cm.   65$ 





OKA-776 Barites Xi Kuangshan Mine, Lengshuijiang, Hunan Prov., China. Big, blocky, double terminated honey colored barites in attractive cluster. These groupings are usually matrix free, very high in luster, and in great shape. Translucent with nice phantoms. Specimen with broken edges show crystal regrowth instead of fresh breakage. Showy and reasonably prices for nice big crystals like these.

OKA-776B 6 x 6 x 5.5 cm piece with crystals to 5 cm. 50$