Chamberlain Collection Mineral Specimens...New...New...New!


OKB-648   Cassiterite   Bohemia.  Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.  This is an older museum specimen but it is unclear as to where it originated.  Original tag is here but only donor info.  This is the classic location for cassiterite.  Rare to find one of these available to purchase.  Small plate with tetragonal crystals to over a cm in diameter.  200$



OKB-654    Pyrite and Calcite    French Creek Mines, St. Peters, Chester Co., PA.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection, acquired from George Robinson.  Sweet little grouping of numerous octahedral pyrites to .7 cm on edge each.  60$ 




OKB-657    Heulandite    Germany   Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.    Acquired from Dr. Bernd Walz, Univ. of Ulm.   11 cm plate of crystals with good luster up to .8 cm each.   Combination of white and salmon colored crystals.  40$




OKB-656    Cerussite   Tsumeb, South West Africa.   Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.    Nice cluster of gemmy crystals with largest being over 4 cm.  Minor matrix with most crystals being singly terminated.  Excellent luster and fair to good form.  65$



OKB-655    Mimetite       Dry Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England.   Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.     Tiny orange crystals on matrix.  Nice miniature and certainly a great price.  32$



OKB-658   Calcite and Strontianite    Faylor- Middlecreek Quarry, Winfield, PA.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection Personally collected)   Wonderful twinned calcites to almost 2 cm each.  Very clear and difficult to capture in a photo.  Also a nice white spherical cluster of strontianite crystals (1.2 cm).  12 cm overall.  Very nice piece.  60$



OKB-659    Calcite    Logansport, Indiana.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   6 cm partial, light yellow crystal which looks to be twinned.  Minor internal and external pyrite inclusions.  25$



OKB-662    Prehnite Ball and Epidote    Bull Run Quarry Centreville, VA.    Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   Very interesting, showy and unusual specimen.  Greenish blue prehnite ball with tiny crystals of green epidote.    Wish I knew more about these but it is the first Iíve seen.  50$


OKB-661    Fluorite    Cave In Rock, Illinois.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   5 cm cleave of fluorite which has Regrown on back.  Pleasing light blue color.  Stands nicely on edge to display.  30$ 



OKB-664    Analcime, Calcite    Croft Quarry, Leicestire, England.   Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   8 cm cluster of clear analcime to 2.5 cm on matrix of calcite crystals.  Lots of character to this high luster piece.  Slight pinkish tint, minor pyrites and super form to specimen.  130$


OKB-666    Anthracite and Quartz    Nockerade, near Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   Acquired from John H. Caswell Collection.  Reference specimen with good pedigree.  25$


OKB-665    Aragonite  Johnby Quarry, near Perith, Cumbra, England.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   Well formed clear crystals to 3.3 cm each on matrix.  40$


OKB-668    Titanite, Muscovite    Acushnet, MA.   Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.   Tiny, gemmy yellow crystals to 1.1 cm on matrix.   35$



OKB-669    Pyrite, Byssolite and Calcite    French Creek Mines, St. Peters, Chester Co., PA.  Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   Good grouping of octahedral pyrites from a classic location.  Crystals to .4 cm on edge.  40$


OKB-670   Pyromorphite   Roughton Gill Mine, Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England.   Ex. Dr. Chamberlain Collection.   Acquire from Dr. Rober King, Ex. Barstow collection.  Great color and luster to the crystals in this grouping.  Poor to excellent for to the crystals.  Largest crystal is about a cm with the cluster measuring 3.5 x 3 x 2 cm overall.  80$



OKB-672    Pyromorphite  Coeur de Alene District, Idaho.   Ex. Dr. Steve Chamberlain Collection.   Classic at a fantastic price.  4 cm with well formed crystals to .4 cm.  Yellowish green color and moderate to low luster.  A steal at  20$



OKB-671   Apophyllite    Sillmanís Quarry, CT.  Small (4 cm) but very cute.  Fully mineralized on all sides with crystals to almost a cm each.  22$