Minerals From The Historic Calvin Mitchell Farm,

DeKalb, St. Lawrence County, New York



                                                                                                                                             All Specimens Are Diopside


    This is one of the most important St. Lawrence County mineral localities historically and has become equally important in contemporary times.  Historically, the location was mined for diopside crystals unlike others from the region: the crystals are of gem quality.  These diopside crystals, sometimes large, found their way into many important museums.  

    To the northeast of this occurrence on the same ridge can be found the DeKalb Gem Diopside locality.   The Calvin Mitchell farm and the Gem Diopside Occurrence are separated by several hundred yards however they are discussed addressed as two different localities because they have different histories and the specimens are noticeably different.  The County records office show the land discussed here to be the original Calvin Mitchell farm. 

    Early specimens seen in museum and private collections look like specimens being recovered from this locality in contemporary times and seldom like the DeKalb Gem Diopside occurrence to the northeast.  Kunz, 1892 describes, "very large crystals... with clear spots of gem material".  It is believed that early authors, including Kunz, were describing crystals from this location (Kunz, 1892; Ries, 1896; Vom Rath, 1886; Vom Rath, 1888).


No Specimens Are Currently Available From This Locality

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