Barite, Calcite and other Mineral Specimens For Sale from

Beaman Road, Gouverneur, New York, Page 5


This mineral specimen from the Jay Walter is on of the best barites to be produced at the Beaman Road site near Gouverneur, New York. Here is a super cluster of barite, quartz and calcite.  This parallel growth calcite has a thin irridescent coating.

               Barite and Calcite                                                 Barite                                                                        Barite                                                              Calcite


(Here is the initial description form my mail order listing which came out shortly after this sites rediscovery in 2000)

Barite/ Calcite Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY. This is material from a recently rediscovered site first documented by Nims in the 1880's. Wonderful white (sometimes with a light blue cast) and clear double terminated barites.  These classic barites have the shape of a diamond (like on a deck of cards) with transparency in smaller ones and translucence in larger ones. White FLUORESCENCE.  Limited material in that I and one other collector recovered what we believe are all of the specimens that will be found at the site. Check out our field trip description.  The site is now permanently closed.  If you have any interest in barites or New York State minerals you should not delay in purchasing one of these fine pieces. The NYS Museum bought many of my better specimens before I even had them cleaned.  See one of these on their website by following this link    Dr. Steve Chamberlain and myself are co-authoring a series of articles for Rocks and Minerals Magazine.  The Beaman Road Occurrence will be the inaugural paper in this series.

Many of these barites are on large cream colored calcites. Accessories sometimes include tan dolomite crystals and tiny gray quartz crystals.  These will be impossible to get specimens in years to come...I am not squirreling any away for a rainy day. This page of barites represent excellent examples of this material.  These barites are all well formed, double terminated examples.  They are translucent to transparent and white in color often on iridescent calcite.

Several are the remains of my own collection and others are some I have recently acquired from another collector who was able to do a day of serious collecting while I was not there.   The Rocks and Minerals Article will detail the sites short history and describe the importance of this rare find.  These are certainly the last of the very best of these New York State barites that will be available to collectors and institutions.




OKB-438  Barite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.    Barites to over a cm on edge coat top surface of a large partial calcite.  Good front view, others show damage from removal.  25$






OKB-439  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.    Nice irridescent calcites to almost 2 cm each.  Micro barites coat the backside of this floater piece.  Nice specimen but irridescence does not show well in photo.  36$






OKB-440  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   Good semi-clear barites to over a cm on top of a small calcite.  Minor secondary calcite overgrowths.  30$






OKB-441  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   Excellent barites to 1.5 cm each run along one edge of these iridescent calcites.  Minor overgrowths on some of the calcites but not on the barites.  Good contrast between minerals.  40$






OKB-442  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.     3 beautifully formed barites to 1.5 cm each.  Calcite is a partial crystal but mostly with cleaved surfaces.  32$






OKB-444  Barite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.    Crudely formed barites to over a cm each.  Complete coverage on top of marble matrix.  A couple of the barites show damage.  25$






OKB-446  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   9 cm specimen with marble and calcite crystal matrix.  Well formed, somewhat dirty barites to 1 cm each coat most of one side of the piece.  Backside has the calcites and a few barites too.  Minor damage that is not readily noticeable.  This piece would benefit from some cleaning.  85$





OKB-447  Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   7 x 6 x 6 cm cluster of irridecent calcites to 2 cm each on minor marble.  Partial coatings of tiny barites to a few millimeters each.  Pieces is better than images seem to indicate.  Lots of secondart overgrowths on back of specimen.  80$ 






OKB-449    Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   Schalenohedral calcite that is girdled by a rhombohedron of calcite.  Top of crystal is dotted by large barites.  Some damage to a couple barites.  40$







OKB-450    Barite, Calcite, Quartz   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   Cluster with a mix of minerals...barites to 1.5 cm.  Excellent specimen from all views.  Really needs some basic cleaning.  100$







OKB-451    Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.   Big 13 cm calcite dominated this 19 cm piece.  Much of the calcite here is overgrown with mico clear barites and some secondary calcite.  Great example of what lined the largest pocket from this find.  120$






OKB-464    Barite, Calcite   Beaman Road, Gouverneur, NY.  8 x 6 x 6 cm cluster of iridescent calcite twins.   Base has calcite overgrowths and dolomite crystals.  A few barites to almost a cm in between the calcites.  Nice.  60$


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