Mineral Specimens....Amethyst Cathedrals

We have carried these large display pieces for many years now.  The are very popular as collection centerpieces or home decor objects.  We only carry the top "A" grade geodes at this time.  We encourage you to compare prices and then come back to us for your purchase.  Please be aware of lower grade cathedrals with lighter colored amethyst and calcite crystal that have been stuck into the geode as a plug.  Counterfeits are common.  We purchase our stock by the barrel so can offer competitive pricing on top quality, authentic specimens.

Here are two close up pics of the crystals.  The color is a deep, gemmy purple which lies between the colors of the two images.

This image is too light in color.                               


                        Small Cathedrals               


Medium Cathedrals                    Large Cathedrals