Tucson 2019


This year was the first that I had the room to myself.  Kevin had a family crisis so all the cases were filled with my materials.  It was a fun trip but unusual in a couple of ways.  First the weather was unusually cold and wet.  This was an odd thing for those of us who are trying to escape from bad weather conditions for a month, or so.  The consistently nice Arizona winter weather was greatly missed.  Next, I did less shopping than usual.  Being locked down to the venue and selling was a necessity but also a drag.  When I did shop I saw fewer "new" things than usual.



The Hotel Tucson, Room 173.  An attractive venue with fantastic dealers.


My setup with four large, well lit, six foot cases.


Mineralogical Record did a follow-up shoot of the new graphites I first offered in September at the Denver show.  For this show I brought the very best from the discovery, after they were finally prepared,  so they took more photos.  Others showed interest and took photos including ExtraLapis, Mineral News, Minerals.net, and various other web hosts and bloggers.  Thank you to everyone who took notice of these important specimens.  Here is probably the finest example that I will be adding to my collection.



                                        This 14 cm example is likely the finest example from the find.  Numerous other

                                        excellent examples were sold but some still remain at this Graphite Link.  There is also

                                        information on the find available at the same link.


What turned out to be a truly "New" find at Tucson were the sphalerites and associated minerals from the Balmat mining district in St. Lawrence County, New York that I brought.  These were acquired only a few weeks prior to the opening of the Tucson show and are exceptional examples for the species.  The majority of these specimens, TN to small cabinet in size, sold quickly.  Five days after I returned from the show the mine laid off its mining crews and is now only doing exploration.  This is too bad because these specimens created quite a stir.  I only have a few things, mostly TN sized, remaining and can be seen HERE.






I did manage to pick up a few Indian minerals that I liked...



      Calcite with Quartz and Stilbite                                 Apophyllite on Stilbite                                                      Fluorite on Quartz


It was an excellent Tucson, as usual.  It is the event of the season and a great time to socialize with those folks I normally only see once or twice each year.